We power campaigns for the world's largest brands

LHGFX Media is a data strategy firm that connects marketing influencers, PR-based content and events, and state-of-the-art digital marketing tools — which together deliver an unrivalled reach and frequency of impressions for brands.


1. Marketing


Marketing Strategy - A client based collaboration in which we conduct stake-holder interviews and measure the results against consumer research (qualitative and quantitative), to develop a custom strategy for each initiative.


Press & Media Releases - LHGFX Media has been published in every major entertainment, fashion, fitness and glamour publication in the world.


Digital Marketing Solutions - LHGFX Media partnered with Speakr the #1 Influencer Enterprise Solution for Fortune 500 Brands Since 2010. Together we power campaigns for the world's largest brands.

2. Influencer Management + Booking


LHGFX Cares - Our mission has been to assemble a team of models who are passionate and determined to prove that beauty is more than skin deep. 100% of the money we raise with LHGFX Cares is then provided to the most efficient and effectively run non-profit organizations in the world.


LHGFX Management - Our network of influencer relationships (model, artist, musician, celebrity) is curated and leveraged against each initiative.


3D Figurines - LHGFX captures 3D digital images to print full color life like figurines of the hottest fitness and glamour models in the world. 

3. Event + Experiential Production


LHGFX Events - Our world-class event team creates impactful PR events and integrates seamlessly within existing media events — providing the launch-pad for brand messaging. This includes Red Carpet Events, Press Parties, Launch Events, Intimate gatherings or large-scale celebrations.


BossYachtClub - Our members enjoy the finest experience of being at sea that one can achieve, while partying in exotic locations with the most beautiful models from around the world.

4. Content Creation

Our photo, video and design team creates full packages on on-brand assets to support cohesive messaging across all touch-points. These assets include everything from event-signage and print media — to world class music videos and digital assets for social media, web, and DDM initiatives.


LHGFX Photography - Our world class team of professional photographers who work with the biggest internationally published fitness, fashion and glamour models in the world.


LHGFX Press Agency - As one of the most trusted and in demand celebrity event photographers in Hollywood, we are granted access to exclusive events including Movie Premieres, TV Series Premieres, Film Festivals, Gifting Suites, Fashion Shows, Public Speeches, Press Rooms, Award Events, Album Release Parties, Celebrity Charity Events + more.


LHGFX Productions - Our team of internationally recognized Producers, Directors, Videographers and Editors with a unique spark of creativity. We have produced videos for many of the most significant events in the world.

5. LHGFX Music


Artist Discovery & Development - Specializing in music and its implementation in the global marketplace, delivering a one-stop solution for talent discovery, development, consulting and marketing services.


Music Videos - Leveraging our influencer marketing and digital marketing solutions, to have brand sponsors fund the entire production of world class music videos for the best artists in the world.

6. LHGFX Tech


LHGFX Media has partnered with Hero Digital Entertainment as our partner for mobile game development. Hero Digital Entertainment was founded as a new venture by Hitcents (Los Angeles), Hero Digital Entertainment has positioned itself to become the global leader in A-list celebrity and IP-branded mobile games.